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HIS2Q: AS HISTORY RESOURCE LIST The USA and Vietnam, 1961–1975 Given below is a list of recommended resources.

The publishers and ISBN numbers are correct as at going to press.

The books included in the lists which follow are not to be regarded as set texts. It is not envisaged that all of the material listed will be used. Some titles on this list may be out of print, but these should be available through libraries.

For Student Use

Author Title Publisher/year ISBN Number

C Bragg Vietnam, Korea and US Foreign Policy Heinemann, 2006 0435327089

M Hall The Vietnam War Longman, 2007 1405824700

V Sanders The USA and Vietnam, 1945– 1975 Hodder Murray, 2007 0340929308

For Student Reference Author Title Publisher/year ISBN Number

S Ambrose Rise to Globalism Penguin, 1998 0140268316

D Anderson The Vietnam War Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 0333963371

N Cawthorne Vietnam: A War Lost and Won Arcturus, 2005 0572031440

A Edmunds The War in Vietnam Greenwood Press, 1998 0313298475

O Edwards The USA and the Cold War Hodder Murray, 2002 0340846879

B Fitzgerald Fighting the Vietnam War Raintree Publishers, 2006 1844436977

D Haugen The Vietnam War: Primary Sources Lucent Books, 2002 1590182030

H Higgins Vietnam Heinemann, 1982 0435313991

S Kallen The Vietnam War: The Home Front, Americans protest the War Lucent Books, 2001 1560067187

K Ruane (Ed) The Vietnam Wars Manchester, 2000 0719054907

D Sawinski (Ed) Vietnam Wars: Primary Sources UXL, 2001 0787648876

D Sawinski (Ed) Vietnam War Biographies UXL, 2001 0787648841

R ShaneArmstrong The Vietnam War Greenhaven Press, 2003 0737714344

A Weist The Vietnam War, 1956–1975 Osprey, 2002 1841764191

D Willoughby Vietnam War Heinemann, 2002 0431119929

M Young A Companion to the Vietnam War Blackwell, 2006 1405149833

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The Vietnam War involved a fight for independence of an nation with opposing forces, allies and enemies.

 Eventually there was strong public opposition to the USA's position in the War.

Troops eventually were recalled to the USA, but not without terrible destruction in Vietnam.  

There were phenomenal long term effects on Society, Politics and Economics in Vietnam.

Your task: 

Trace the problem back to the root cause........Why did the War happen in this area?

What were the consequences?

What is the situation now?

Use this website to help  (cut and paste into your browser): 






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