19. Oct, 2016

" The League of Nations is Dead, Long Live the United Nations"

How is it that the League of Nations failed in many of its objectives but the United Nations is much more successful?

Write a comparison of these two organisations and try to bring the story up to date by explaining who the new Secretary General of the UN will be (and when) and what the UN is trying to do in the world today."

Quote at the formation of the UN 10.1.1946
19. Oct, 2016

Module 1  IR and the Context of War


  1. Explain why the First World War was so significant in an International Relations perspective. (6 marks)

  2. ‘The League of Nations was an organisation that failed’ explain why it was set up and at least 3 reasons why it failed.(6 marks)

  3. A Revolution can be started by economic, social or political causes.  Explain with reference to a revolution that you have studied what this  statement means.(6 marks)

  4. Name two leaders and their countries in the 1920s and give their political ideology.

    (2 marks)

  5. Which countries made up the members of the Triple Entente? (2 marks)

  6. Explain the term Reparation and why it was significant in the 1920s (2 marks)

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