Revision 2WW

Second World War


1.      Name three similarities of the First World War and the Second World War.



2.       Name three differences between the First World War and the Second World War.


3.      What happened at Pearl Harbour?  Why was this significant?



4.        What happened at the Treaty of Yalta?


5.                       What was the ‘Iron curtain’ and who called it that?


 6.  Name the 3 country leaders of the main Allied Forces in 1944


7.  Which countries were known as the Axis countries?


8.  What is a Fascist leader?


9.  Name three reasons why the Nazi party came into existence.


10.                   What is genocide?


11.                   Explain 3 ways in which the League of Nations failed.


12.                   What was Appeasement?


13.                   Why Russia was originally allied to Germany during the late 1930s?


14.                   Why did Spain not take a very active part in the Second World War 1939?


15.                   What is the difference between a Cold War and World War








Revision Topics


1.      The meaning of International Relations

2.                      First World War

3.                      Leadership

4.                      World War 2

5.                      Timeline

6.                       League of Nations

7.                       United Nations

8.                        Cold War (Espionage)

9.                        NATO, Nuclear weapons and                            Warsaw pact

10.                      Fascism

11.                      Revolution

12.                    The ideology: Capitalism and                             Communism

13.                 Empire, Imperialism & Colonies

14.                 Independence

15.                 Island Communities

16.                 Rural and Urban divide

17.                 Population


Exam Format

Format for the Exam





2 Hour Exam 

10 multiple choice questions  (10 marks)

Data response question (reading, understanding and choosing words )  and three questions on this subject     population and migration  (30 marks)

3 essay type questions from a list of 6 at 20 marks each