13. Jul, 2014

How do film makers view key events?

The 20th Century and the 21st Century have been key to strategic events in International Relations.  Many events have been immortalised in plays, film and music.  Some of the films may be propaganda, may well 'economise on the truth', be inaccurate, biased , comic, silly or introduce unlikely situations or characters and love stories BUT they will give a flavour of that time period. (Hollywood, Bollywood, Warner Brothers, Disney and many others have dabbled in most key events).

Draw up a Timeline from around the Year 1900  to the present date and annotate key IR events (see the one drawn up in class)

Find some 'background immersion' to these key events here are a few to get you started:

Films: First World War :

Birdsong, All quiet on the Western Front, Gallipoli .........

Russian Revolution: Anastasia.....

Second World War: The Reader, Boy in the striped pyjamas, Atonement

Cold War: early James Bond movies,Agent Zig Zag , 

1960s : JFK,The Help, Forrest Gump

Race issues: 12 years a Slave, 10 canoes, Rabbit Proof fence

and so on........................................