1. Register your email address with your teacher and get confirmation that you are a 'live' student.
2. Start commenting on the pages on this site (all your replies will be logged).
2. Obtain the topic list for the term
3. Use this website and activities to get ahead of what is required of you. You need to pass 2 Examinations and the Research Project in addition to the following.
4. Make sure each term you have submitted at least two assignments (topics to be given out in class) in addition to weekly homework tasks and reading
5. Prepare one power point presentation each term (topics to be allocated in class) that you will present in your group.
6. Make sure you take an active role in class by answering and asking questions, suggesting media material that is relevant,writing up notes, homework tasks, reports, quizzes, essays, comprehensions, summaries and such like.
7. Assessment of your work will be by the teacher and your peer group. Grades allocated range from Distinction to Fail (with Merit and Pass in between) Refer to the College Student Guide for rules, regulations and expectations from us. Remember, no guarantees; the amount of work you put in and the effort you put into your finished work will have an impact on your final results.
Good Luck